Take Delivery in Europe!

Have you ever thought of discovering the wonders of Coastal France, Spain, Italy or Corsica? Have you thought of chartering a boat in the Mediterranean but decided that you would rather do this on your own yacht? Have you looked at shipping your current Yacht to Europe and then shipping it back to America?

If you have thought of one or several of the ideas above but never did it because it seemed too complicated, we have a suggestion: Buy your new Prestige Yacht and ask for a delivery in Europe!

I had to the opportunity to delivery a brand new Prestige 680 to Mr H in Les Sables-d’Olonne, a seaside town in western France. Mr H plans on cruising around the Mediterranean over the next three months and then have his boat shipped back to the west coast of Florida. This was the second time around for Mr H who had cruised his Prestige 620 around the Med nearly 3 years ago! It gets better and easier every time!

Nick Harvey, Prestige of Prestige Yachts America and Michael Galati in Les Sables d’Olonne preparing for the 680 delivery!

The entire process was extremely seamless! All the necessary paperwork and setup was taken care of by Prestige Yachts America, their American dealer, and a company that specializes in European cruising for foreigners. If you are interested in the awesome way of discovering Europe, contact your dealer now and ask them about this possibility that Prestige Yachts offers! What are you waiting for??!


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